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Inter Locution


2014 - 2017 Glasgow School of Art – Bachelor in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking.    
2013 - 2014 Strykejernet School of art - Full-time preparatory course in art.
2010 - 2013 Ski Secondary High School - Higher Education Entrance Qualification, with specialisation in theatre and drama studies.


2018 Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art - Part-time course in classical painting and drawing techniques.
2012 Asker Kunstfagskole (Asker School of Art) - Part-time course in classical painting techniques.


Jun. 2019 Pride Art, Oslo. Group-show: I fought therefore I am.
May 2019 Galleri Nobel, Oslo. Solo-show: Introduction of Vincent Langaard
Oct. 2018 Rogart Street Campus, Glasgow. Solo-show: Amour-Propre
Jul. 2018  The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. Solo-show: Amour-Propre
May 2018  DOK Artist Space, Edinburgh. Solo-show: Amour-Propre
Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018  Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow. Group-show: Showcase
May 2016 MacLellan Galleries, Glasgow. Student Exhibition: PAT Tested    

Oct. 2015 Heggedal Fabrikker, Asker. FKFS Group-show, untitled.
May 2015 Tontine Building, Glasgow. Student Exhibition, untitled.
Aug. 2014 Ingensteds, Oslo. Solo-show: Never stop
Jun. 2014 Strykejernet, Oslo. Student Exhibition, untitled
Dec. 2013 Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo. Duo-Exhibition with A. E. Våge: MTOTFLS


Des. 2018 Illustrated short novel by Robin McLeod, The great potato contest
Aug. 2017 Translation of Per Schreiner’s Den Brysomme mannen and Plutselig
Mar. 2014 Performed Den Merkverdige Rariteten (play) at Ingensteds, Oslo.
Sep. 2013 Performed Prosessen (play) in Black box at Ski secondary high school.
Jun. 2013 Wrote and printed my first novel: Frisaurhandtwerk

Memberships and affiliations

LNM/NBK - Member

Prikkart - Member

Galleri Nobel - Affiliate - Affiliate

Grants and Awards

Aug 2019 UNESCO World Heritage, Travel and research grant.

June 2019 Pride Art, Audience favourite
Sep 2014 Askim sparebank, Culture grant.



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